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John Jacobson

John Jacobson

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07/25/14 09:41 PM #1    

Charles Barnett

Army A team leader in Viet Nam.  Green Beret.  Rose to Major.  Consultant to Indonesian military.  Badly disabled by the war (PTSD).  Committed suicide with a gun I had loaned him - I hate myself.  Rest well my very good friend.  Chic

07/26/14 05:49 PM #2    

Jim Hudson

Chic;  Really sad news about John.  Thanks for passing this along and don't beat yourself up about lending the gun.  It sounds like John was in such dire straights that he would have gotten a gun from someone/somewhere else but relied on your friendship.  Sad.  Can't remember if you're attending the reunion, but I look forward to seeing you there if you do.  Take care.  Jim

07/27/14 07:12 PM #3    

Stavona Cary (Perkins)

Chic...I lost a son in law to suicide. When someone is in that much pain no one can help. Sounds like you were a good friend. Remember that, and peace to you.

07/28/14 09:44 AM #4    

Bev Baumann (Hackbarth)


I pray that God gives you the strength to just remember the good times and not dwell on the sadness. A person who is set on commiting suicide will accomplish the goal no matter what. It wasn't your fault. John must have been in such awful turmoil and pain in his mind that he saw no other way out.  I'll keep you and his family in my daily prayers. Blessings, Bev Hackbarth

07/28/14 04:53 PM #5    

Wayne Schaff


My exwife (Carolyn Dana) and John and his exwife (Jennie Walcob) lived next door to each other for over three years and we had a great time, camping and doing things together.  I still have the 1945 Jeep that I bought from John when they were deployed to the eastern part of the U.S.  John was a lot of fun and I have many memories of the things that we did together during those years.

You can't blame yourself for what John did to himself.  I have been down that road with another friend that keep attempting to kill himself from time to time.  All a person can do is keep positive and hope that the person will listen and comprehend what you are trying to get across to them. In my case my friend finially got it right and is now in the Seattle area and doing okay.

John was a good sole and I will miss him the rest of my life but you have to remember that if they want to kill themselves no matter what you say or do they will find a way to get it done if they really want to.  You can't blame yourself for any of this.  It was John's decision and noone could have prevented the outcome if he had the will to get it done, one way or the other.

I will always miss John and remember the times we had together and I feel that would be the best thing for you to do.  IT WASN'T YOUR FAULT !!!!  He would have done it without you.

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